The Bavarian Nudist Camp

Oktoberfest really had done us in. Waking at the cheapest hotel in Munich (this one even had syringes with needles in the pot plants outside), we had thumping headaches. The night before, we got lost using Google Maps (too many steins and following car directions) ending up walking 3km in the wrong direction.

Collecting our bikes from our friendly Warmshowers hosts, Jennifer and Ralph, we began the afternoon cycle out of Munich. It was hard. Managed to find an excuse to stop every 3km for a break.

dsc09830Once in the countryside, we pulled in to a petrol station to replace the fuel in the Primus from poor performing meths to trusty old petrol. As with any time we stop, passers by strike up a conversation about the journey. Two Germans were walking their collies and being adventurous sorts themselves; gave recommendations for the best places to freedom camp. Favourite being a small enclosed lake beside the Isar river about 10km south. Now, the lake did have reservations. Apparently it was a nudist colony in the summer. We were approaching the end of September and being the coldest day we had experienced on the bike, there was little chance of any naturalists being around.

Following the Isar south we came across the lake. It was very secluded and had only the rare walker going around the shores. Being completely still and abnormally warm due to the shallow water it had an eerie feel. We cooked on the pebble beach and washed up while the fog rolled in. Setting up camp, I started getting out the pegs and poles.

cooking at the nudist campSounds of a mountain bike came up the track. Through the bush swiftly came a German man, followed closely by his Irish Setter dog. It was quite a handsome dog. Shiny red coat and bristly whiskers. I smiled and greeted him with “Guten Tag”, he responded with the Bavarian “Seavus”. His gaze abruptly shifted and he looked straight ahead, quickly taking off. The dog simply trotted behind grinning from ear to ear.

Thinking that it was quite odd the man and his dog sped through so quickly, I then turned to see Tam, crouched down behind her bike. Almost completely naked. She was taking the opportunity to get changed before I put up the tent and was quite obviously startled by our guest. Judging by the expression on his face, I guess he was a bit surprised that the nudist camp is still at the lake too…

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