Beetroot and Goats Cheese Risotto

We were inspired to cook a beetroot risotto after passing large fields of beetroot as we were leaving the Loire Valley. You could smell it wafting through the air as we cycled along the trails. I couldn’t resist grabbing one lonely plant on the outside…

beetroot risottoDSC09163


500g fresh beetroot, 2 tbsp olive oil, 1 knob of butter, 1 onion (finely diced), 1 garlic clove (finely minced), 250g risotto rice, 150ml white wine, 700ml hot vegetable stock, a handful grated Parmesan, goats cheese (marscapone alternative), a handful of dill.


1. Peel and trim the beetroot. Dice into small cubes. Toss with 1 tbsp olive oil, season, and lightly fry. With fresh beetroot you will find they are much softer and can be dated raw.

2. Add the remaining olive oil with the butter tip in the onion and garlic, then cook for 3-5 mins until translucent. Stir in the rice until well coated with the butter and oil. Pour over the white wine, then let the mixture bubble away for 5 mins.

3. Stir well, then pour over the stock. Stir again, cover and place in the oven. Cook for 15 mins until the rice is soft.

Stir most of the Parmesan through the risotto, then serve with goats cheese or soured cream dolloped over and the dill and extra Parmesan scattered on top.



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