Rest Day

We had just arrived on the Loire, a few saddle sores were starting to show and the campground was a really nice one. Too nice, it had it’s own resident masseuse, crepe maker and Zumba instructor (I’m honestly not making this stuff up).

The luxuries of a day camp is the ability to wash clothes and catch up on a bit of personal admin.


Our fort

Taking a day out to see the city, we got in a run (as you do on rest days). We probably overdid it however; 24km! We needed to get some miles under the belt, but any chance of giving our aching muscles a rest just went out the window! We started the next day even more exhausted than before. Lucky we were due another in several days when we arrived in Tours.


Angers Chateau ooks beefy from the outside


Gardens on the inside


On the audio guide


The Apocolypse Tapestry

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  1. Was just talking to my sister Tanya about this blog, how you were going to start it soon. Was about to ping you for the address but found the link to this on your timeline. Cool blog and I’m following it from now on. 🙂

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